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A pineapple tale
The popularity of the pineapple being used as a symbol of hospitality begins in Colonial times. One reason is because it was a rare delicacy but the main reason and a very interesting explanation starting with sea captains of New England returning to colonies came with heavy cargoes of spice, rum and a selection of fruits that often included pineapples. The story is that the captainwould drop anchor and he would then inspecthis cargo and his crew.After checking on everything he would head to his home.He would always spear a pineapple on his fence post.This meant an invitation for all to come and share in all of the food and drink and would be captivated by the tales the captain shared.
Eventually the pineapple and the use of the pineapple wasadopted by colonial innkeepers. They began to use this fruit on signs and advertising.Some would go so far as to have the pineapple carved bedposts.The pineapple became apart of all inns around these area’s.It then turned into a …

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